Solar eclipse 8 february 2020 horoscope


  1. Solar eclipse of December 14, 2020
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Each day is new blank paper. And you have control on many things. Live them well. Be catalyst of laughter and hope. Gemini, you can do it. I choose this as the first focus of as Saturn slow and steady , Pluto passion and Jupiter luck are passing through this house. You like to live luxurious lives. Know which asset is working and which is not working. Plan them well.

Solar eclipse of December 14, 2020

Expense may rise. Both emotional and financial spectrum needs attention. Eighth house many times rules unexpected events.

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Sex is also there. Don't indulge in cheap money making or one night stand. Better stick to values and ethics. It takes us longer. So many planets are sitting there. Jupiter will make things lighter. Pressure is there.

Solar eclipse of December 14, - Wikipedia

You know it already in It is time to consolidate your emotional wisdom and financial freedom. Dont depend on others. It is better to earn self. Partner , if not earning, it may take longer.

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Reduce loan liability. Eclipses comes every six months in pair. Mars Impulsive actions will join the party on February 16 to March You can buy big, invest big or may dream big. I just suggest keep own plan ready. Don't think other will help too much. Only from March 21 to July 1, some respite is there as Saturn will go out of Capricorn.

First three months have huge focus. Then Saturn will return to tackle the same area for last six months of the year. Money is an inherent part of our existence. We need resources to survive. We accumulate them and let them go too. Good part is Gemini is not that possessive. You like change. You won't suffer in the same situation as other fixed zodiac suffers.

Be the giver not taker. Good part is Gemini born within June 8 to June 22 will get maximum focus here. Second half of Gemini would have more focus than Gemini born in first half. Key dates and aspects are written below. We can't grow alone. We need partners.

Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

We need to balance between self and partner;s need. Ignore his fault and accept your weakness. It makes a team. Each team has own weaknesses. But, conflicting them has its side effects. Till now, you had Jupiter in marriage chart. It has strengthen the foundation.

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Build on new understanding. It will come again in the picture in the second half of the year. Three eclipses are there. North node will move in this part on May 6. It will question why you want to live with someone? Is he or she the right partner for you? Can we live together whole life and has a meaningful life? A partner or connection would be in focus. Life is all about evaluating priorities. Gemini are not hesitant to walk out if things are not going well. If you can manifest some time away between Feb.

Fiery Mars will also be stimulating your 9 th House of travel during this time Jan. Brace for making an impact. An important relationship, perhaps with a parent or even your literal home, is ready to transform having come full circle. Whatever is illuminated around Feb. The next Eclipse and New Moon of Feb. At the very least, launch your intentions and acknowledge that you are enough right now. Change can require a lot of willpowerr and rubbing up against fear for Taurus. The eclipse of late January represented a culmination in the sign of love Leo and your Third House of communication and commerce.

This is due to the big New Moon Eclipse of Feb. The mid-month seductive pull to enter foreign territory or shake things up could even be through the catalyst of relationship with that Mars in fiery Sagittarius fresh in your 7 th House of committed partnership.

However, the key here is opening yourself to experiences that make your soul sing and grow. You may not even see the full results of the intentions you set for six months or a year as these act as super New Moons that can change our course. People will definitely be pushing your buttons this month, although hopefully in a fun way! Tender-hearted Cancers can be a wee overprotective about their emotional assets, but the Cosmos are setting you up for things to get complicated This could translate as much as sharing a financial investment as it could a bed.

How can you get some more skin in the game? A good day to meditate on this is around Feb. Even before that, however, take some time to listen to your heart and acknowledge what would really vitalize you on that Feb. The Feb. This is the Eclipse of New Beginning so this has wonderful implications for birthing a relationship of the committed-one-on-one variety or re-awakening the one you already find yourself in.

Set those intentions around Feb. Meanwhile, feisty Mars in fellow fire-sign Sagittarius and your 5 th House of creativity will definitely give you some guts this month.