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Pluto frees you from the burden on your conscience, allows you to love and to transcend your reserved nature to go towards your loved ones, to trust them, to open up to them.

Aquarius Horoscope 2025

Mercury pushes you to break down the walls around you, to highlight and show off what was hidden. It is time to do the right thing with your identity and your personality. Welcome Mars into your sign. With it there, everything becomes possible. You feel like you are growing wings, you are able to move mountains and achieve your goals. Venus, on the other hand, wraps you in softness and suggests that you create a harmonious climate around you. However, together, they invite you to bring out the best in your and abandon your fears.

Mercury invites itself to your home and offers you piece of mind, curiosity, the desire to discover new practices or new ways of working and to feed you with new information. It opens you to a new plane of consciousness. On a personal level, it activates encounters and promotes complicity and spiritual and intellectual connections.

Mars makes you want to do new things, Mercury stimulates your ideas and improves your thinking.

R29 Original Series

Activate your chakra with your 6th sense to feel what is happening around you and soak up the positive vibrations of Jupiter in your sign. This is an opportunity to start a new process of personal revaluation. You're back on track now.

Pluto and Saturn have helped you to understand who you are, to evaluate yourself and to present yourself in a fair way. You are now able to be proud of yourself and your actions.


Now it is up to you to dare to take the reins of your life, stop apologizing, fully own your personality and your truth. Mercury has just arrived in your professional sector and offers you new encounters, opportunities and connections. It opens your mind, makes you want to learn, to achieve great things. This is the time for you to consider your progress and accept that not everyone is going at the same speed as you.

Be patient. Mercury develops your feeling and sensitivity. Your true personality will be able to come out and free you. You want to transform your life, to give it a second chance, to open up the field of possibilities, to believe in yourself and in humanity. Your empathetic mind is having a great time. Mercury helps you to connect with people bigger than you and to capture the good vibes that come out of it.

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Free Daily Gemini Horoscope Forecasts and Gemini Daily Astrology Predictions

Today we work with astro psychics, who use different directions in their predictions: 1. Tarot cards, 2. Astro Indian, 3. Zodiac Astrology, 4. Tibetan runes, 5.

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Vedic knowledge, 6. Horoscope signs of the zodiac. Psychics will tell you what awaits in any life's sphere, for example, love compatibility or finance and money. The different skills of our astrology team provide excellent opportunities to see the ways of solving problem tomorrow or in any interesting period.

All of the above cause thats how God made me | Gemini | Zodiac signs, Gemini, Gemini life

This is compatibility horoscope of people, by inner sensations, given signs of the zodiac. Such pairs suitable to each other zodiac signs create strong and lasting alliances that go through life easily.

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You can make right conclusions based on what cards say and prediction. This knowledge will be useful to properly build chain of events and actions that will occur in future. This will facilitate understanding of life and movement on it.

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